Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


Tomorrow is the Feast of Mary MacKillop who founded the Sisters of St Joseph, one of the two Bethany charisms. Recently I have been rereading “The Little Brown Book” by Sue and Leo Kane and in this book, it reflects on the spirituality of Mary MacKillop in our everyday lives. In Chapter 59, there is an examination of role models in our society and the homage paid to these people who are often sports people or entertainers. We are also reminded of valuing outstanding human qualities, not just skills. Mary MacKillop helped those most in need. She was extraordinary amongst the ordinary. 

Be a gift of love and compassion for one another

If we as a Bethany Community are guided by love and compassion then we are a role model for what we want others to aspire to be. Amidst the pandemic of COVID-19, compassion needs to be prevalent each day. Compassion for global leaders, health care workers, families in isolation in difficult conditions and compassion for those who do not comply with restrictions. May we be constantly guided and reminded of the ways of Mary MacKillop in our everyday interactions.

Please keep Year 12 in your prayers. Next week, the HSC begins for our Year 12 Dance class who will undertake the practical aspects of their course with external HSC Examiners marking them. In the following week, the entire cohort begins the HSC Trial exams. These have been put back 2 weeks to help students because of interruptions in moving to remote learning. Thank you to the entire teaching staff for their thorough preparation of Year 12. The girls need to believe that their preparation by using the Library until 6pm each night at school, by handing in practice papers to be answered and by following their teacher’s advice will set them up to achieve their best in these exams.


Bethany Day

As we continue with the uncertainty of the current health crisis, decisions about events and time needed to plan for events need to be made based on a conservative approach which attempts to minimise risk to students and staff of contracting COVID-19. Based on this, we have made a decision to cancel Bethany Day for this year. Unfortunately, we are not able to celebrate Mass as a school and it would not be wise to have students mingle across many rides on the day. If there was to be a positive COVID case from Bethany Day, contact tracing would be extremely difficult. Understandably, this is disappointing but a decision that we need to make nevertheless. I thank our Year 12 student leaders and Mrs Colreavy for the planning that has gone into Bethany Day.

Thanks to all parents for keeping your daughter at home if she is unwell or awaiting COVID test results. I look forward to the day when we can have parents on site to mingle and hope that each family remains safe.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal