Dear Parents, Carer’s and Friends of Bethany,

Today is World Senior’s Day, proclaimed to recognise the importance of and contributions made by older people to our society. This day is particularly important as we see the devastation that COVID-19 has caused particularly on the elderly. Let us not need a pandemic to show gratitude to and forever offer respect to the senior citizens in our local community. This week, I offer this short reflection.

One of the most precious gifts we have is the maturity and wisdom of the elderly. They are the guardians of our traditions and memories. With advancing age comes human frailties, which causes them to become more dependent upon others, but it also brings about the link to different generations. It is a special gift to have the opportunity to spend time with our elders and learn from them.


COVID-19 Update

This week, the NSW Premier released tighter guidelines for all schools across NSW. At Bethany, we continue to remind staff and students of recommended hygiene practices. Our staff are socially distanced in the staff lunch room and at all meetings. The following are new practices put into place this week:

  • Planned activities by the College no longer involve mixing of year groups
  • Sport has been rearranged to cater for limiting the mixing of year groups
  • Our Library during breaks and outside of school hours require students to sit at tables exclusively with their own year group
  • Year group assemblies will no longer occur indoors
  • Students who have cold or flu type symptoms should not come to school for any reason
  • If a student displays cold or flu symptoms at school, they will be sent to sick bay and parents will be asked to collect them as soon as possible
  • All students who display cold or flu symptoms are to be COVID tested. Whilst waiting for the test results self isolation is necessary. COVID test results must be forwarded to the College before a student may return
  • Bubblers continue to be cordoned off. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and use the water bottle filling station for refills
  • Students will not be offered experiences which involve mixing with students from other schools
  • Parents are not able to be on site except for the purposes of visiting reception, the bursar or uniform shop
  • Parents can only enter the College via the Croydon Road entry and only for the above purposes
  • Visitors can only be on site with the express permission of myself and this is for essential reasons linked to the core curriculum or for repairs and maintenance

All of the above is expected to be in place for the rest of Term 3. We thank you for promoting COVID safe practices and rest assured that our cleaning regime is of a standard in keeping with protecting staff and students as much as possible.


Year 12 HSC Trials

It has been most impressive watching the manner in which Year 12 have entered into their HSC Trials. Year 12 have remained calm, still displayed their enthusiasm and have been resilient when exams have appeared to have been not as expected.

Congratulations to our HSC Dance students and Language students who have completed their practical and oral components of the HSC. We now turn to our Drama students who will be examined on Monday for their Individual Performances.



Today Bethany goes live with our official Facebook page. Please join us to celebrate and affirm our students and key events.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal