Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Each year the Bishops across Australia release a joint statement on applicable issues for the year ahead in relation to social justice. Below is a copy of the prayer from the prayer card released by the Bishops. This year, the focus is on mental health, an area that touches each of us in different ways. I invite you to pray the prayer below and to use the link below the prayer to read the Social Justice Statement for this year. Our society is in desperate need for greater resourcing in the area of mental health. At Bethany, it would be fair to say that mental health issues are a key factor in students being able to achieve their best at school and is never far from being a focus in how we teach and relate to our girls.


Jesus, you invite us all into the fullness of life. 

May we support one another to flourish in body, mind and spirit. 

Strengthen our commitment to ensure that nobody falls through gaps in our systems of care. 

People called you mad. 

Help us to recognise you in those who suffer mental ill-health today. 

Show us how to eliminate stigmatisation of mental ill-health from our parishes, schools, communities and organisations. 

You drew near to those who were suffering in body or mind. 

May we too feel your nearness when we struggle with mental health challenges. 

May we be one as members of Your Body. 

You invite us to share in your ministry of love and true compassion. 

May we be empowered by your Spirit to reach out to all people in need. 

May we build communities of welcome and inclusion. 


Office for Social Justice



Year 12 Principal’s Awards

Shae Acevski

Isabella Awad

Lingge Bai

Lara Ball

Zoe Ball

Alessia Colagiuri

Selina Colagiuri

Monique Cost-Chretien

Sophie Gallagher

Jolly Grace

Maxine Hakeem

Danielle Kyriacou

Georgia Marks

Serafina Paletto

Serena Pham

Isabella Staninovski



Graduating Class of 2020


Congratulations to our graduating class of 2020. This year’s graduation was unique in that it was live streamed to the parents of Year 12 students. In these unusual times even though as an entire community we have not been able to celebrate physically together, I know that all Year 12 parents have been proud of their daughter’s achievements in finalising their high school journey. We have been extremely proud of how Year 12 have shown resilience this year and have been open to circumstances beyond their control. Whilst not quite the same, Year 12 Graduation Day was a memorable and proud day for the College. We wish Year 12 well in the weeks ahead as they prepare for their final examinations. I hope you enjoy the photos below of the 2020 Graduation Day.



On Wednesday I will be taking Long Service Leave and will be returning at the beginning of Week 3 next term. During this time, Mrs Hughes will be the Acting Principal and Mrs Kennaugh the Acting Assistant Principal. I thank each of these outstanding leaders for embracing this new opportunity and wish them well.

As we draw towards the end of term, I would like to thank all parents, carers and students for the care that is taken to be educated at Bethany. Our students have had to endure various changes to curriculum, parents, endless communications from the College to keep abreast of changes and staff planning the changes. This can be quite tiresome and I hope that there is time in the school holiday break to rest, rejuvenate and then plan for the wonderful challenge of Term 4. I pray that each of you stay safe, healthy and happy. At this stage restrictions that have been in place for Term 3 will remain for Term 4 until further notice.


Have a wonderful holiday.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal