Dear Parents, Carer’s and Friends of Bethany,

Welcome to NAIDOC Week, a time to cast a particular focus on our First Nation’s People. We know that our great country has been occupied for well over 60,000 years before its settlement as a colony. Jesus taught His followers the Our Father as a model for all prayer. Please take some time to reflect on the Aboriginal Our Father as we celebrate the rich culture and connection to land that we can learn from our First Nation’s People.

Always Was, Always Will Be is the theme of NAIDOC week this year.


Lord’s Prayer: 

You are our Father

You are our Father you live in heaven

We talk to you, Father you are good (Repeat)

We believe your words Father,

We your children, give us bread today. (Repeat)

We have done wrong, we are sorry

Teach us Father all about your words. (Repeat)

Others have done wrong to us

And we are sorry for them Father today. (Repeat)

Stop us from doing wrong Father

Save us all from the evil one. (Repeat)

You are our Father you live in heaven

We talk to you, Father you are good. (Repeat)


HSC 2020

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2020 who finished their HSC Exams this week. It was delightful to be able to celebrate with our girls at their Formal last night. Unfortunately, the girls were not able to bring partners but watching them dance and free of exam pressures and some COVID restrictions was wonderful. I thank Year 12 for meeting the challenges of the year and we look forward in sharing stories of your further growth when results are released on December 18.




Year 11

With Year 12 just having moved out of exam mode, we welcome the graduating class of 2021 into Year 12. Our current Year 11 students have diligently manoeuvred their way through 3 terms of Preliminary Studies. There has been much media coverage about the class of 2020 studying in adverse conditions due to COVID however with Year 11 being only 3 terms in length, please keep Year 11 in your prayers as they approach their first round of HSC Assessments in the coming weeks. NESA has applied similar consideration to Year 11 as they have to Year 12. Special congratulations to the following Year 11 students on achieving a Principal’s Award for their Semester 2 Report.

Claudia Ceballos
Chelsea Cibalevski
Corina Choy
Lauren Delaney
Jennessa Fong
Kate Glavocevic
Caitlin Hollis
Jovanka Lim
Jade Lozanovski
Kelly Nguyen
Ayva Palmer
Mia Palmer
Luana Rendina
Nektaria Rice
Leah Roufas
Natalie Ryan
Celina Sabella
Ashley Semsarian
Elly Vazouras
Sienna Williams
Lara Zdrilic


Preparation for 2021

In the coming weeks our staff will enter into a process of forming class groupings for next year. As a Newman Selective Gifted Education Program school, we use a multitude of data not limited to internal and external testing. Observations of teachers day to day in the classroom and their interaction with your daughter are vital sources of data which add to the profile of each student. Some students may enter our Newman classes for the first time, whilst some may transition out of a Newman class. This will be communicated before the end of the year to students. We place students across all of their classes according to formal and informal data and take into account wellbeing needs for individual students. I ask that you support us in class placement and trust that the process that we undertake is evidence based.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal