Dear Parents, Carer’s and Friends of Bethany,

Welcome to 2021 where we aim to have another year of growth for all members of our College Community. This year sees our College at 1080 students and 110 staff. A special welcome to Year 7 who began their secondary school journey last Friday and it was pleasing to see 192 students filled with nervous anticipation and excitement enter our gates. We also welcome 25 new students across Years 8 – 11 and 15 new staff. In the spirit of hospitality and welcome that Bethany prides itself on, it has been refreshing to induct all new members of our College in varying degrees and we look forward to learning with and from each and every individual. Special congratulations to Mrs Sara Camporeale on becoming the Acting Leader of RE & Mission for 2021. Shared with you below are the photos of our new staff.



This year we celebrate 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia. Throughout the year, Bethany, together with Sydney Catholic Schools will hold various events to honour this significant bicentennial year. When I read the prayer above, it draws me to the great gift it is to be a teacher and the privilege that we feel to be Catholic educators. I was proud to hear of the accolades which teachers received last year especially whilst remote learning was occurring as the immense load that teachers carry was certainly seen in a new light. As we attempt to be the face of Christ each day by how we interact with your daughter and teach values as well as a syllabus, I encourage you to keep alive a conversation about the importance of not just education, but a Catholic Education.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr Isidore Anantharaj, Parish Priest of St Raphael’s South Hurstville and Mater Dei Blakehurst. The celebration of the life of Fr Isidore was held this week. We also continue to pray for Fr Janusz who is on the road to recovery.

2020 HSC Success

On the last day of term last year, we shared the outstanding results from our graduating class of 2020. Shared with you below is a summary of these results. The class of 2020 has achieved the best results ever for the College and this is evidenced by the growth data that we received across the holiday period. We ask all students to try their best and whilst HSC data can give a mark, growth data tells us how far each individual has grown within each subject. I was delighted to see that we did not have any subject which did not add growth to students. This is not an easy statistic to achieve and it points towards the efforts of Year 12 and their perseverance, no matter what their ability was, the dedication of staff to keep pushing students, the respect and trust that Year 12 had in their teachers who know how to get the best out of each individual and the group dynamic of Year 12 with their great sense of spirit to work as a team. Not only was Bethany outstanding in the HSC headline data in December but adding to the growth data shows that we have created a wonderfully safe and respectful learning environment for students to flourish.


Congratulations to our graduating class of 2020.



“Together We Grow”

Schools are not privy to its students’ ATAR results. They were sent to students by the Universities Admissions Centre directly. We can only report on the ATAR information students have given us.

Brief Summary and Highlights of Higher School Certificate (HSC) results:

  • 159 candidates awarded the HSC.
  • 9 candidates elected not to present for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • 150 candidates opted to present for an ATAR.
  • 80 out of the 150 ATAR candidates (53%) achieved at least one mention on the Premier’s Distinguished Achiever’s list.
  • Bethany College is ranked 80th  in NSW. Bethany has appeared in the top 100 schools for the 4th consecutive year.
  • 3 students were All Rounders and received over 90% for each subject
  • Shae Acevski 5th in the State in Dance.
  • 166 mentions on the Distinguished Achiever’s list (students who achieve a Band 6, mark greater than 90%).
  • 91% of all courses were above the State average.
  • At least 33 students (23%) with an ATAR of 90 or greater (as at time of printing)
  • 5 students nominated for Drama Onstage 
  • 1 student was nominated for possible inclusion in ENCORE, a selection of performances and compositions from Higher School Certificate Music students. 
  • 21 nominations for Dance Callback 
  • 1 student placed on Musicology Honour Roll with NESA for her Viva Voce.
  • 1 student was nominated for the HSC exhibition of artworks titled ARTEXPRESS. ARTEXPRESS is the NSW Government’s annual showcase of Higher School Certificate Bodies of Work representing best practice in visual arts education throughout NSW. 
  • 9 students nominated for Design and Technology, Shape 2020.


2021 Dux of College

Serena Pham – 98.75














Below we share with you the range of courses which some of our students have been offered for University study this year. As you will see there is a vast array of interests in what the class of 2020 wish to pursue.

ACU – Bachelor of Arts in Strathfield.

ACU – Bachelor of Exercise Science/Bachelor of Secondary Education

ACU – Bachelor of Primary Education

ACU – Bachelor of Social Work

ACU – Bachelor of Nursing 

ACU North Sydney – Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

AIM – Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition and music production

Macquarie – Bachelor of Commerce

Macquarie – Bachelor Of Commerce and Bachelor of Security Studies

Torrens University – Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of branded fashion

University of Wollongong – Bachelor of Arts

UNSW – Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Social Science

UNSW – Bachelor of Commerce

UNSW – Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

UNSW – Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

UNSW – Bachelor of Secondary Teaching, UTS for Bachelor of Health and Science

UNSW – Interior Architecture

UNSW – Social Work(honours) Criminology and Criminal Justice

UNSW- Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

UNSW – Bachelor of Exercise Physiology

USyd – Bachelor in Psychology

USyd – Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science)

USyd – Bachelor of Applied science (Exercise Physiology)

USyd – Bachelor of Arts

USyd – Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations)

USyd – Bachelor Of Education Exercise and Sports Science

USyd – Bachelor of Pharmacy

USyd – Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine

UTS – Bachelor of Business

UTS – Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Laws

UTS – Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles and Bach of Creative Intelligence and Innovation

UTS – Bachelor of Forensic Science

UTS – Bachelor of Management (events)

UTS – Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Nursing at Notre Dame.

UTS – Bachelor of Property Economics

UTS – Bachelor of science (environmental sciences)

UTS – Bachelor of Science in Game Development

At the moment we are unable to hold our High Achievers Assembly due limitations on the number of guests during school hours. It is hoped that restrictions will soon ease so that we can invite the class of 2020 back to inspire our next HSC Candidates.


2021 Focus

Each year on the College Annual Improvement Plan we have a few key areas which the staff will focus on and which will then flow on to student learning.

For 2021 these areas are

  1. Celebrating 200 Years of Catholic Education
  2. The Australian Wellbeing Framework
  3. Reading for understanding
  4. Newman reaccreditation
  5. Pre Testing to inform student growth
  6. Pivot and staff observing each others’ lessons
  7. Compass Ancestry

Of the areas above, reading for understanding really means how well read are our girls? Do they have a broad base of knowledge about current affairs? Do they know how to critique what they read? Do they read for pleasure? Do they expect summaries rather than truly deciphering what they read and do they have the necessary skills to do this?

The Newman re accreditation process will involve all Newman students, parents and staff at some level and is a process run by Sydney Catholic Schools.


COVID Update

As we continue to manoeuvre our way with events and COVID safe procedures, the following changes will be in place since we last communicated to you.

The College now has a QR code. This will be used for larger events when guests are on site. For the most part, when individuals guests are on site signing in via the Compass Kiosk is acceptable.

Year 7 Parent Information Evening will be held on February 10 in 2 sessions with 1 parent only in attendance.

Year 7 Camp will be reduced to a 1 day activity day. This will be an extended day to ensure that all of the usual activities planned still occur but to be safe, it eliminates the sharing of sleeping quarters for staff and students who do not usually reside together.

College Swimming Carnival will be cancelled for this year. Schools are asked where possible limit cohorts mixing. Whilst we have had shared assemblies and Mass, this has been in a fully seated and structured environment whereas a carnival by its very nature of Houses is across year groups. We understand that this is disappointing for students however such a large event as we had planned would not fit into COVID Safe guidelines.

We thank you for supporting the health and safety of your daughter and the rest of our Community as we constantly adapt to changing circumstances.

I look forward to working with parents in the year ahead and supporting the needs of your daughter.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal