Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,

On Wednesday we marked the beginning of Lent with a moving Ash Wednesday ceremony. Our Youth Ministry Coordinator, Mr Laguzza, together with our Social Justice Prefect Jennessa Fong launched for 2021 Project Compassion fundraising. As our prayer from Caritas Australia this week suggests, the theme for 2021 is “Be More”. As a faith community, I ask of our students to consider how they can strive to improve themselves and be more during this season of Lent and beyond? Questions that we should think about during this Season include, are what are we doing about those who are marginalised in our local community? Wider community? Can I make some sacrifices to contribute financially to the Project Compassion appeal? Do I genuinely show gratitude for living in Australia? Where does my faith guide my thoughts to help the plight of others? Whilst all of these questions can be asked at any time of the year, may we use this time of contemplation in our Church to Be More so that others may have more?


On March 2 we will hold our Open Day where we begin the process of enrolling girls who are currently in Year 5. Our Open Day will have a COVID safe plan where groups of no more than 50 can enter into each of our 3 gates at Croydon Road, Waratah Street and Forest Road. As numbers need to be adhered to, if you are attending with your daughter, it would be helpful if other siblings do not attend so that we can allow those who are in Years 4 or 5 to see our College. I encourage your daughter to volunteer to help out on this evening.

Our students have had an enthusiastic start to the year and by now are fully immersed in their studies. Please check in with your daughter on how she is feeling about her increased workload. Organisation at this early stage of the year is key. Students should be beginning to work on timelines of when work is due and be up to date with note taking and study before too much time has passed with further content being taught. If you feel that your daughter is struggling in any way, please contact the College and speak to her subject teacher or Year Coordinator, even if your daughter asks you not to.

On Tuesday I had the privilege of attending Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral celebrated by Archbishop Anthony Fisher to welcome beginning teachers to Sydney Catholic Schools. We have an outstanding group of beginning teachers who it was an honour to share some time with.


Grace Mathews, Stephanie Chan, Olivia Lomonaco, Olga Azzi, Ying Lou



Robyn Rodwell

College Principal