He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet (John 13:5)

I am often left feeling uncomfortable Holy Thursday night, watching feet washing. I find vulnerability difficult and letting go of my tendency to remain in control, and having a safe detachment from others has been a life time challenge. The very act of stooping, literally beneath someone, and washing feet, Ahhh! And to allow someone to wash my feet, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Then I read this story:

A wealthy western woman visited Mother Teresa in Calcutta and offered to write a cheque to support the work of the Sisters of Charity.  Mother declined:  “I won’t take your money.”  The woman insisted, reminding this human roadblock that she had great resources to donate.  But Mother still said, “No money.”  Exasperated, the woman stammered, “Well, what can I do?”  Mother said, “Come and see.”  She led the woman by the hand down into a dreadful slum, found a desperately dirty, hungry child, and asked the woman to take care of him.  Her purse being of no avail, the woman took a cloth and water basin and bathed the child.  Then she spooned cereal into the child’s mouth.  The woman reported later that her life was changed.  Servant-hood is humble, human, personal, and at times touchy and feely! God help me!  It’s about vulnerability!

Mother Teresa also said that if at the end of the day you want to examine your conscience, just look at your hands.

What have my hands done today?

Whom have I served?

Whom have I avoided serving?

Has the imprint of Christ’s image – love, been left on anything my hands have touched?

This Holy Thursday night, I’ll take a good hard look at my hands, my feet, my heart, and my face, what I think of others?

Lord, wash not only my feet, wash me all over.

Wash me more and more from my pride, self-righteousness and indifference!

Jesus started it: He washed feet!

Fetch the bucket Lord and bring it here!

Lord of the bucket have mercy on me!

I acknowledge Patricia Thomas for sharing this reflection



Dear Parents/Carers and Friends of Bethany,

Today marks the end of Term 1 and begins the solemn time of Holy Thursday followed by Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday. It is a time of reflection not just because it is the end of the term but because it is Easter also. The real message of Easter is one of hope. The death of Christ is followed by His Resurrection. Having the days of mourning, we are taught to have hope each year in the Risen Christ and how His message can apply to us. This year, may we have hope in governments across the world that responsible decisions around COVID-19 may bring a swift containment of this virus and that the suffering of others is prominent and overrides political deals.

Thank you for Term 1 and working with us amidst constant changes because of COVID. It is pleasing to see most restrictions eased for the moment. This term being the first of the year has offered students the chance to make a fresh start and to work towards some of their goals with enthusiasm. Please talk to your daughter about how she feels she is progressing so far and what proactive measures she can take to continue moving forward.

As the term draws to a close I thank the staff of Bethany for their dedication, hard work and never ending belief in each girl.

Special thanks to Mrs Kerry Joseph, the College Laboratory Technician who retires today. Kerry has worked behind the scenes in Science, preparing equipment and ensuring the safe procedure of thousands of Science practical lessons in her many years at Bethany. Kerry has always been meticulous in her preparation, inspirational in her promotion of Science for our girls and was always willing to help students better understand practical applications in Science. I wish Kerry good health and quality family time in her retirement and thank her for her dedication to Bethany.



Also leaving us today is our Assistant Principal Jodie Hughes. I thank Jodie for taking on the privileged role of being our Assistant Principal. It is often a thankless role and one that requires many hours of hard work. Jodie has worked with many individual students and families. She has always kept the wellbeing and growth of students at the fore as she consistently applied College policy. Jodie has been fair in all of her dealings with staff, students and parents, she has involved herself in all aspects of College life and as a teacher of Studies of Religion, has been inspirational for developing knowledge in other staff. I wish Jodie every success as she moves into a Pastoral Care role in Wollongong and thank her for her service to Bethany over the last 2 years and 1 term.



High Achievers 2020

Last week we held our High Achievers Assembly for the graduating class of 2020. This assembly was a time to honour the significant academic achievements of many students as well as offer some advice and inspiration for our current senior students. A Q&A was held where students could ask the high achievers about any tips or recommendations for success. Topics such as sleep, organisation, balancing study and other activities, managing project timelines, social media, coping with disappointment were all covered. Of most help for our current students to hear was that our high achievers had their struggles, some did not manage time well and some received disappointing marks along the way. Such messages are apt for students to hear. By far the theme coming from our high achievers was to understand yourself and how you learn and do not be put off by others who do things differently. As a staff, we know we have done our job well when messages that we give are now echoed in our high achievers.






HSC Executive Director’s Awards

6 of our students covering 7 subjects achieved first across all of Sydney Catholic Schools. On Tuesday evening the awards ceremony was held and it was with much pride that we congratulate the 6 girls seen in this photo for such an outstanding achievement. This is a testament to dedication and hardwork. Thanks to the parents who attended this prestigious evening as well.






May the Blessings of Easter be with you over the coming days.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal