Dear Parents, Carer’s and Friends of Bethany,

“God acts through events and people. Joseph was the man chosen by God to guide the beginnings of the history of redemption.

He was the true “miracle” by which God saves the child and his mother. God acted by trusting in Joseph’s creative courage.”

Pope Francis, Patris Corde


2021 is the Year of St Joseph and 1 May is the Feast Day of St Joseph the Worker.

The Josephite Charism makes up one half of Bethany’s dual charism and through the intercession of St Joseph, the Sisters of St Joseph continue his legacy of humility, service and zeal. St Joseph is not only a role model for fathers, all of us may learn from him to trust in God’s providence. His; obedience, acceptance, courage, protection, familial values and notion of hard work provide all of us with a genuine model by which to live, love and build relationships.

St Joseph was a skilled carpenter and he taught Jesus this trade. Jesus too, understood something of what it meant to get up and go to work each day and in no way does His greater calling diminish the importance of the day-to-day vocation.





Pope Francis says, “According to Christian tradition, [work] is more than a mere doing; it is, above all, a mission. We collaborate with the creative work of God when, through our work, we cultivate and preserve creation; we participate, in the Spirit of Jesus, in his redemptive mission, when, by our activity we give sustenance to our families and respond to the needs of our neighbor” (Letter of the Holy Father Francis to the Participants in the International Conference “From Populorum Progressio to Laudato Si” 2017).

Sara Camporeale – Leader of RE and Mission


Welcome back to Term 2, a term where each student is building on what was learned last term and culminating in various assessments to help inform half yearly reporting and student growth. Over the next 5 weeks, I encourage parents to be engaged in what assessments students have coming up and to help guide them in their time management at home. These assessments are one way that we give students feedback. Crucial to giving feedback is the effort and work which students produce each day in the classroom. If you find that your daughter is becoming overly worried about her workload, we always advise that tasks are broken down into achievable steps. Equally if time has not been managed well, it is important that your daughter learns from this even if it means not achieving a pleasing mark for her this time around.

On May 11 we will be holding face to face parent teacher interviews for Years 11 and 12 from 2 – 7.30pm. All students across Years 7 – 12 will be dismissed on this day at the beginning of lunch which is 1.30pm. If supervision is needed for your daughter until 3pm please contact the College and this can be arranged. We look forward to seeing all parents of Years 11 and 12 on this evening to discuss the progress of your daughter and importantly, strategies for future growth. Reports will be available online via Compass before this date.


ANZAC Day Assembly

We were proud to host the President, Vice President and Secretary from Bexley RSL Sub Branch at our ANZAC Assembly this week. Bexley RSL has been a significant supporter of our College over a number of years contributing prizes each year at our Academic assemblies and giving us the seeds from Lone Pine where our ANZAC memorial tree and plaque now stands. I thank Mr David Martin for his leadership of this assembly where the message was one of respect and remembrance of the sacrifice that so many women and men have given and continue to give for our country. We prayed for and reflected on those who have died, those who have served and who are currently serving, for the families who have been touched by war and importantly for those who experience poor mental health as a result of serving our country. Our students were encouraged to think about how in their own individual way, they could contribute to peace – peace in families, relationships and at school.


Winter uniform

On Monday all students are to be in their Winter Uniform. For Seniors this means that long socks or stockings are to be worn. For juniors it is their Winter tunic. All students must wear their blazer to and from school every day. Please remember that if your daughter feels cold at school we have optional items which can be purchased from our uniform shop such as a vest, scarf or cardigan. The College Tracksuit must be worn for sport for Years 7 – 10.


Mother’s Day Mass

We have moved our Mother’s Day Mass to our Hall to have more space as we adjust to being together once more. We would really like to see as many mums or significant females in the lives of our girls come to Mass. I am sure that your daughter would love to have you here.


Internet Safe Education

On May 10 at 6pm we have some education for parents around what to look for to keep your teenage girl safe online. In this space, we understand that it is difficult to know the latest information, research and recommended ways of guiding teenagers to be safe online. I thoroughly recommend that parents try to come to this night. During the day each year group will also be educated about safe internet usage with each talk differing depending on the age group.



The College is currently transitioning to the next component of Compass with CIA/Ancestry. What this means is that our finance side will transition to Compass as will information from our feeder schools once students are enrolled at Bethany. At the moment we are experiencing some difficulties with the transition. For parents who have their children in more than one Sydney Catholic School or for parents who may work with Sydney Catholic Schools as well as having a child in our schools, your password and username may have changed. If this is the case, please contact the College. We have also been made aware that some parent contact information may have been changed. Could you please check the accuracy of your details on Compass. Over the coming days once these issues have been resolved, we will send out further information about increased Compass usage which will allow for you to pay for excursions via Compass and give permission for events in this way too. We hope that this will make it easier for all parents.

As is always the case, please contact the College if you wish to discuss any matters in regards to your daughter.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal