Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Bethany,


Reflecting on Saint Benedict 

Sydney Catholic Schools gifted each student in the System a blessed Saint Benedict medal and cross as we returned to face to face teaching and learning. Our students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the prayerful ceremony upon distribution of these gifts and the lesson sequences that followed as they reflected on its significance in Religious Education Classes.



Our HSC students have started their exams with some students having as many as 4 exams already this week. It has been wonderful to begin these exams so that Year 12 feel proud of their hard work paying off and to begin what is in effect the end of their secondary education. There was a wonderful sense of collegiality as our girls gathered for the first English Exam on Tuesday. We continue to keep Year 12 in our prayers in the coming weeks.

Much has been written about how hard it has been for Year 12 with changing dates for exams and end of year festivities. I am pleased to be able to say that already over 60 of our girls have earned a place at University for next year via early entry offers. Early entry offers are given to students based on a reference from their school, extra curricular involvement and progress from Year 11. Some of these 60 students have had multiple offers. Congratulations Year 12, this is an amazing effort to stay motivated and to complete numerous applications for future study paths.

We are currently operating with windows and doors open across all classrooms and staff areas. One thing that has struck me with these modifications, is the laughter coming from classrooms, the healthy competitiveness from PE practical classes which are held outdoors and the joy that students seem to be expressing by being together once more.

Currently we are embedding our plans for 2022. Next year, our College will have just over 1100 students with high demand still coming from the area to enter in years other than Year 7. This is a credit to our girls who display pride in their school and their own social and academic progress. Next year Sydney Catholic Schools will hold a sport program on a Thursday afternoon. This is only a slight change for Bethany as we will still hold Representative Sport and Recreational Sport on a Thursday. The difference is that we will now compete in Representative Sport against schools from the St George and Sutherland Shire areas and teams will be entered in each sport on a Thursday afternoon in the junior, intermediate and senior competitions. Whilst lessons will still be held for seniors on a Thursday afternoon, Year 11 and 12 students will be able to play each week in the senior teams if selected. In our next newsletter, I will outline the increased range of sports on offer as gala days for our girls. No longer will Bethany be part of SCC sport or CGSSSA sport. Representative pathways will still exist for students who are chosen for higher levels. We look forward to seeing as many girls as possible try out for the sport teams in 2022.



I was particularly impressed in reading the Year 11 reports recently. Congratulations to the following girls who have received a Principal’s Award for their consistency across Year 11.

Katya Alexander
Sarah Chapman
Erika Daubaras
Isabella Diaz
Christa Dracopoulos
Hayley Eskander
Lucy Flanagan
Tahlia Genlik
Violet Gruppelaar
Linh Huynh
Diya Lijo
Eloise Martelletti
Luna Pandiella-McLeod
Alyssa Parrottino
Tyana Petrevski
Isabel Santillana
Rachel Tannous
Danae Tsapilis
Maddison Underhill


Thanks to all parents for remaining vigilant around our COVID Safe procedures and for keeping your daughter home if she feels unwell. It has been a long time since we have been able to have parents on site for information evenings and interviews. I do not take for granted the support that parents give to Bethany and I look forward to a more populated school as we move towards 2022.


Robyn Rodwell

College Principal