If you break the traffic rules in a school zone you are putting children at risk.

Bayside Council Parking Officers regularly patrol the streets around Bethany with particular focus on Waratah St.

Safety tips for drivers around school zones.

  • You must stop for pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing.
  • Always drop-off or pick-up your child from suitable and legal parking spots, even if this means walking further away from the school.
  • Never double park.
  • Never park across a pedestrian crossing.
  • Make sure all children in the car use the footpath-side door (safety door) when getting in and out of a car.
  • Make sure everything is organised before coming to school so that the drop off is as fast as safely possible.

Parking and Traffic Rules – Choosing Safety over Convenience

NO STOPPING –  What does it mean?

You cannot stop in this area FOR ANY REASON.

Why is it there? To keep sight lines clear for drivers AND children so both have more time to avoid crashes Penalty $337.00+ 2 Demerit Points (School Zone)

NO PARKING – What does it mean?

You can stop in a NO PARKING zone for a maximum of two minutes to drop off and pick up passengers. You must stay within three metres of your vehicle at all times. Why is it there? To provide a safe place for older children to be set down and picked up without endangering other children. Penalty $187.00+ 2 Demerit points. Double Parking $337 + 2 Demerit points (School Zone)

BUS ZONE – What does it mean?

You must not stop or park in a bus zone unless you are driving a bus. Why is it there? To provide a safe place for large buses to set down and pick up school children. Penalty $337.00+ 2 Demerit Points (School Zone)


You must not stop within 20 metres before or 10 metres after a Pedestrian crossing.

Why is it there? To ensure that children can be clearly seen by vehicles approaching the crossing. Penalty $448.00 + 2 Demerit Points (School Zone)