Grok Coding Competition Update

Web.Comp is a web competition for school students run by Grok Learning. The Web.Comp teaches students how to build a website as they go along, rather than expecting students to be experts already. The Web.Comp competition compliments students learning in both Information Software and Technology as well as Industrial Technology and Multimedia.
Web.Comp 2019 ran for 5 weeks, and each week, Grok released interactive notes with the information students needed for the web design challenge. The last week was focused around a web design tournament where students could submit their own design and vote on everyone else’s!
Why learn web design?

Every time we use the web, you’re seeing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Creating a website is one of the most useful technical skills digital citizens can learn. Web.Comp teaches students HTML/CSS and JS, the powerful building blocks needed to build a website from scratch. Learning to write HTML/CSS and JS by hand gives students full control over the look and interactivity of a website, so students can implement their web designs exactly as they imagined them!

Corina in Year 10 participated in Web.Comp beginners, where she learnt the basics of HTML,CSS and how the internet works. Corina also applied the design principles she was learning in Industrial Technology Multimedia to transform the Grok design brief into her own digital creation. Corina secured the College’s second PERFECT SCORE, and should be very proud of her efforts. The images below are Corina’s work space during the competition and the final product.

Amanda McGilchrist a seasoned Grok Web.Comp participant, set herself the goal of the Advanced competition. In this stream Amanda learnt how to make interactive web pages using JavaScript, plus cover a bunch of CSS and HTML. Amanda secured a HIGH DISTINCTION in the competition and should be congratulated for her continuous efforts.

If you are interested in learning more about coding, speak to Mrs Chisari.


Theresa Chisari

ICT Teacher