Anxiety Management Program


This year our vision is to run more group programs at Bethany College to improve student well-being. Everyone has their own battle, some worse than others, and we strongly believe that the support, understanding and strategies learnt in a group setting can help put in place preventative measures and protective factors to help students improve their well-being.

The “Be Anxious for Nothing but a Perfect Me” program was developed by the College Counsellor, Katerina Stratilas, and the Year 12 Year-Coordinator, Linda Robinson, who will be responsible in running the program for students. The purpose of this program is to support student well-being by providing students who are experiencing anxiety with some knowledge, skills and strategies so that they can live a more content and fulfilled life. The program is aimed at teenage girls who are struggling with perfectionism, academic stress, self-confidence and generalised anxiety.

Students are given a workbook so that they can record their own experiences of their anxiety. Once the program is completed, this workbook will serve as a self-help resource so in the face of difficulty they can read the appropriate section, apply the skill and stay well.

The program educates students about the following aspects:

  • The nature of anxiety
  • Strategies to manage anxiety
  • Challenging unhelpful thinking patterns that feed into anxiety
  • Behavioural experiments that will challenge students to better manage anxiety in stressful situations

The program is divided into 8 sessions, 6 weekly and 2 follow up, with each session lasting approximately 45 mins. Each session introduces a new skill backed by various activities to allow students to practice the skill. The proposed start time is Term 2.

If your daughter is experiencing anxiety and you will feel that this program may be beneficial for her please email me on or call 8566 0711. The number of participants that can partake in the group are limited.

Katerina Stratilas

College Counsellor