Archbishop Anthony Fisher’s Leadership Forum 2017

On 7 November, four of Bethany College’s 2018 School Captains (Ashlee Pasfield, Elsey-Anne Dadson, Stephanie Lupo and Ruth Cassidy) were invited to attend a leadership forum at St Mary’s Cathedral College. Archbishop Anthony Fisher, as well as many representatives from Sydney Catholic Schools facilitated a leadership conference for leaders of Catholic Schools across the Sydney region. This experience included a wealth of opportunity to network with other Catholic College leaders, as well as engage in meaningful conversations with leaders of Catholic Schools.

As part of the day, we were able to listen to His Grace talk about the importance of communication and open conversation between the young people and the Church, as well as between each other. He relayed to us the Christmas story in a new light, highlighting the conversations that took place between God and the people on Earth. His Grace then encouraged us to have our own conversations. We were also encouraged to answer questions about how as leaders we could encourage faith in practice at our schools, as well as the example set by Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This day had an explicit focus on linking our journey as leaders to the journeys of prominent Biblical figures of the past.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher blessed students with an insightful address, as well as the chance to engage in a Q and A session, where many College captains were able to ask faith focused questions. Furthermore, we had the ability to ask the Archbishop about contemporary issues affecting the Church. Some of us addressed the need to find modern ways to apply our faith today while others inquired into recent events and the Church’s response to them. His Grace’s answers were sincere and insightful and each of us had something to take away from the day, be it new skills or more information about the Catholic Church today.

This  conference was the first of many wonderful experiences we will undertake as College leaders. We were provided with many insights on how to be admirable and successful leaders of a Catholic community. By encouraging a close relationship between young people and the Church, the leaders of this conference have shared ways to ensure the growth of all students at our respective schools. We would like to thank Miss Taouk for taking time out of her busy schedule to accompany us at this event. Further to this, we would like to thank Mrs Kennaugh, Miss Wood and Mrs Golding for making the necessary arrangements for us to attend.


By Ashlee Pasfield, Elsey-Anne Dadson, Stephanie Lupo and Ruth Cassidy