Archbishop’s Luncheon

On the 21st of May, Claudia and I attended the Eastern region, Archbishop’s student Luncheon, held at St Mary’s Cathedral House, hosted by Archbishop Anthony Fisher. The purpose of this luncheon was for the Archbishop, and the Catholic Church, to connect directly with the youth, as His Grace stated “The youth is not the future of our Church, but rather the present and the now”. At this event we had the great opportunity to collaborate with students from other Catholic schools across the Eastern region, as well as the Archbishop himself, discussing issues regarding the youth as well as the Church. This personal encounter with the Archbishop was truly inspiring as it allowed us the chance to converse directly with His Grace and have the voice of Bethany heard.  We are thankful for this opportunity, it was a day we will remember.


 – Alexis Maalouf  (Captain) & Claudia Bonacci (Vice Captain)