Archdiocesan Social Justice Day

On Wednesday 16 November, Mrs Jane Sullivan accompanied five Year 10 students to the Social Justice day at Southern Cross Vocational College in Burwood. The girls were joined by students from other schools in the region and were fortunate to discuss issues relating to the treatment of elderly people in society. 
The girls got a lot from the day, as evident in their comments: 
The Archdiocesan Social Justice Day was highly successful and enjoyable due to gaining a comprehensive understanding on the significance of helping the elderly through obliterating the stereotypes placed upon them, thus allowing the elderly to receive the inherent dignity that they deserve.
Farah Chalak  
I felt very privileged to have been asked to join on this Social Justice Day and I am so glad I experienced it. The day has left me very informed of the issues surrounding the elderly and the serious impacts which isolation and burden can trigger. I have learnt an assortment of lessons and ways to help the elderly, all of which I will no doubt take into consideration in my every day life. Maybe as a College community we could focus in 2017 to reach out to the elderly and include them in our wonderful College. We all have fond memories of the Concert for the Elderly that is performed by Year 7 – a feel good experience for all involved. If there is a possibility to increase our connection with the Elderly in our community, I think we should make a plan for 2017.
Alexia Ryan  & Bridget Cole
The Social Justice Day focused on the elderly and the statement “a place at the table – ageing and its social implications”. Sr Patty Fawkner, a speaker on the day, stated that “the death of an old person is like the loss of a library”. This statement allowed us to fully appreciate the knowledge and wisdom the elderly bring into our lives and gave us a greater understanding of their importance and our responsibility to care for them. It was a great experience that gave us an insight into the issues relating to elderly people and enabled us to further understand the importance of the elderly in our community and appreciate their contribution to society. 
Jessica Semsarian