R U OK? Day at Bethany College


On Thursday the 8th of September Bethany College recognised ‘ R U OK DAY. This day is about encouraging people to open up about their mental health and talk to someone about how they genuinely feel, including ways to work around the unsettled feeling. All Bethany students were encouraged to check in with one another on the day. “R U OK” was set up in 2009 and inspired by a personal project to honour the founder’s father, who sadly passed away in 1996.

At Bethany College, the students were allowed to wear something yellow for the day, including yellow ribbons, yellow scrunchie, yellow headbands, etc. However, why do we wear yellow on this special day?

It helps to encourage everyone to invest more quality time in the people surrounding us. When our relationships are strong, we’re more likely to see signs of someone struggling. That is the time to put in place an influential conversation to listen to their struggles and what they can do to release some of this emotion.


Approximately one in five teens (age 12 to 18) suffer from at least one mental health disorder and start to feel alone in a world full of options that we can talk to. A few students were asked a series of questions and all came back with the same response. “ When do you feel the most stressed out?”. We all said school and assessment blocks, but why are we feeling this stress when it comes to that zone in the school year? Teenagers feel this reliability when starting an assessment, we have a swarm of thoughts going through our minds before we even start the task.  We feel like we have a responsibility to get good grades and it builds this draining pressure and we take it out on our mental health. We all know the purpose of school as a Suitable opportunity for an education so we can grow up and start adulthood but how can we go into that life when we are constantly putting tension on ourselves to be the best academically wise? How do we deal with this fear? Periodically we need to put this pressure aside for us to move forward by doing stuff we enjoy doing such as taking a break from social media and organising a day out with friends or doing something by yourself such as making room for yourself and your mental health by doing stuff at can relax you before starting your assessments.



Contact number: 1800 650 890 

Email: help@headspace.com

Several published studies by Headspace have found that this organisation is beneficial for mental, emotional and social health. 2018 study found a 14 to 28 percent reduction in stress after 10 days of headspace, while an earlier study showed the app improved focus by 27 percent.



Shayana Felice – Year 9