Year 12 Visual Arts student Amber Lazos has been nominated for the HSC exhibition of artworks titled ARTEXPRESS. ARTEXPRESS is the NSW Government’s annual showcase of Higher School Certificate Bodies of Work representing best practice in visual arts education throughout NSW. Amber’s work titled “Papou “Janus” – A faded memory”  consists of a charcoal drawing, with cyanotype prints. The work depicts a diptych portrait of her grandfather with photographs of him as a younger man arranged underneath. 
The purpose of the Body of work is for students to demonstrate their understanding of artmaking as a practice and to represent their ideas and interests through their interpretation of their chosen subject matter. Students spend the duration of the HSC course developing their own ideas and artmaking practice in the creation of their Body of Work and this is assessed by NESA at the end of the course as part of their HSC examination. Nominated works will now be sent to the centre where gallery curators select works for exhibition throughout the state. Nomination for ARTEXPRESS is an incredible achievement and Bethany College congratulates Amber for creating such a high quality and resolved work.   
My body of work reinterprets the mythology of “Janus” and addresses the ephemerality of our existence. “Janus”, the God of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology, is usually depicted as having two faces looking in opposite directions, establishing a transitional period that reflects upon memories of the past and the inevitability of the future. My work clearly communicates this sense of ephemerality –  a brief existence – through a glimpse into my papou’s life. The cyanotype prints capturing his past experiences as the ink slowly fades, symbolic of memory loss as one ages. This assured resolution in life is one that should not be ignored, rather embraced and accepted. My papou as a leading figure in my life encouraged this notion of acceptance and reflection, in-turn establishing a docile perspective of our ephemeral life.
Gemma Baldwin
Visual Art Teacher