Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) Journal – Article #1

Welcome to the first ACYF journal article!

Our names are Luana Rendina and Elly Vazouras. Over the upcoming weeks we will be preparing to embark on a spiritual journey of a lifetime at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF). From initial formation events and commissioning masses, to undertaking our pilgrimage in Perth, we will be informing, reflecting and sharing our experiences with the Bethany College community.

Leaving on the 7th of December, a total of twelve girls from year 10, accompanied by Mrs Forrester and Mr Laguzza, will travel to Perth for a total of 5 days. Once there, our group will participate in 3 action packed days of spiritual growth, reflection and personal development, alongside thousands of other young Catholic students from across Australia. 

In summary, ACYF is a nationwide gathering of Catholic youth, initiated by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. This festival aims to strengthen and personalise each young disciple’s relationship with Christ, by inspiring the adoration, worship and celebration of Catholicism within Australia’s younger generation.

The festival will adopt the central theme, “listen to what the Spirit is saying” (Rev 2:7), derived from the 2020 Plenary Council’s central scriptural focus. More specifically, the pilgrimage will adhere to four core purposes;

  • To provide a high quality formative and experiential opportunity for young Catholics to encounter Jesus Christ, in the context of the Catholic Church in Australia;

  • To listen to and discuss the issues and challenges in the lives of young Catholics in Australia;

  • To evangelise young people and empower them to be evangelists;

  • And to provide young people with local examples and connections of vocations, social action, liturgy and prayer, catholic music and catechesis.

In preparation from the pilgrimage, our group will attend an ACYF commissioning mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday the 24th of November, as well as a formaton evening at St Ursula’s in Week 7.

We are all extremely fortunate and grateful for Mrs Ndaira’s organisational efforts and commitment to ensuring us girls embrace, and make the most of this great opportunity. 

We are all now waiting for the long anticipated departure date with packed suitcases already! 

Keep a lookout for our next article in the upcoming Bethany College Newsletter.


Luana Rendina & Elly Vazouras – Year 10