Australian Catholic Youth Festival Formation Event

On Wednesday, 16 August, four Year 10 students attended the Australian Catholic Youth Forum at the SCS Eastern Region office. We, along with representatives from over 10 other Catholic high schools in the Eastern region, were provided insight into what the Australian Catholic Youth Festival would entail. The evening was focussed around “choosing your own adventure”, highlighting how the ACYF is an opportunity for like-minded students to explore their faith and engage in activities of their choice. We watched amazing performances by the band ‘Gus & Iggy’, who we were told would perform at the ACYF.

We also gathered in groups and discussed ways we could promote the event in our school community. Stay tuned for more information about these activities!

We would like to thank Mr Bernardo for accompanying us to the event. This formation event proved to be highly insightful, and we are truly looking forward to the festival at the end of the year!

Alana Jones, Louisa Leone, Cassandra Manning, and Ashley Farah





Laura Mirabello

Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Coordinator