Bethany College Counselling Service

Bethany College provides counselling services to our students as part of the pastoral program.  This service reflects the values of the Bethany College tradition, with particular emphasis on the importance of “Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God” as well as the importance of positive well-being.

The Bethany College Counsellor (Katerina Stratilas) is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in working with adolescents as they embark on a journey of self discovery, guided by the college ethos of love, faith and respect. The role of the school counsellor at Bethany College is to provide a counselling service for students and support for parents and teachers in respect to students.

All secondary students are welcome to approach the counseling service to request an appointment about any concern, with the expectation of a high level of trust and privacy.  Such a process can provide essential support for students experiencing difficulties.  Being a specialist in the area of adolescents, the school counsellor is especially familiar with the issues that are likely to emerge across the development period.  Counselling may also be seen as a preventative process aimed at enhancing resilience, stress management, study skills and health management, self-understanding/self-esteem, anxiety/depression… to name a few.

The counselling service is mindful of the benefits of a team approach to welfare and support; working with parents and teachers remains a priority.

The counselling service is provided for all students 7 – 12. Students are welcome to self-refer, or can be referred directly by parents or teachers. Parents may advise the service in writing should they not want their daughters under 16 years of age to have access to this service.


Katerina Stratilas
School Counsellor