Bethany College Swimming Carnival

The College Swimming Carnival will take place on Wednesday, 20th February 2019 at Botany Aquatic Centre, 3D Myrtle Street, Botany.  This is a normal school day and there is an expectation that all students will attend and participate in this day. Participation will be recorded and will be noted on each student’s College report under extracurricular involvement

All students will need to be at school by 8.30a.m. for normal homeroom. The swimming carnival will involve structured aquatic activities, such as swimming races and novelty events for students who do not wish to compete competitively. These activities will take place during the day.  Students will be dismissed from school at approximately 2.30-3.00pm.

There will be limited canteen service available, so students are asked to bring their food and drink supplies for the day. Students must also bring a water bottle for the day to ensure adequate hydration.  Full sports uniform, including the College sports cap (for seniors a cap), must be worn.   Years 11 and 12 are to wear black or navy shorts and an appropriate T shirt with sleeves, if they no longer have the College sports uniform.  Sport shoes with laces are the only acceptable footwear allowed on this day. Students must swim in a one piece or have a rash vest that covers their costume.   The girls will have an opportunity to get changed at the pool into their house colour outfits.

Due to the pool hire conditions we have signed, there can be NO coloured crepe paper, no body paint or coloured hair spray, no makeup is to be worn and balloons are not allowed.  Any breach of this expectation will mean parents will be phoned and requested to pick up their daughter from the pool.

If raining on the day, we will send an SMS to all parents at 7.00am informing of changes or the cancellation of the carnival.  Please note, if the carnival is cancelled due to wet weather, normal lessons will occur (Wednesday Week A).

We look forward to sharing this day with your daughter. It promises to be a wonderful community building day for Bethany.  We would ask that any parents attending on the day sit in their designated area and not ask their daughters to leave their school house group.   


Lauren Brennan

Sport Coordinator