Bethany College Traffic and Pedestrian Management

The College supports Bayside Council Roads & Traffic Officers who will be out at all schools again this year helping you to ensure that all children get to and from school safely.



Schools are areas where there is a lot of interaction between cars and pedestrians: your children.

Children behave unpredictably, and are extremely vulnerable. Their lack of road experience means it is difficult for them to judge dangerous situations. Children 10-14 years have the highest rate of child pedestrian casualties (RMS).  Take the time to make sure your children are aware of, understand and follow traffic safety regulations when they are travelling to and from school.


Plan with your daughter how you will collect them.                                  

➦When and where you will be after school?

➦Where should they wait? Consider exiting at the Waratah Street gate and crossing safely to meet in Westbourne or Haig Street.

➦Know not to try and get into your vehicle while it is still in traffic, even if you are stopped, they should wait until you have parked at the side of the road.

➦Plan to arrive AFTER the school bell goes in the afternoon, so your children are ready and waiting for you and you are not blocking traffic.




(Kiss & Drop)





Pick up and drop off area only. You can stop here for a maximum of two minutes to drop off or pick up passengers and must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle.

WHY? To provide a safe place for older children to be set down and picked up without endangering other children

You must NOT stop or park in a bus zone unless you are driving a bus.

WHY? To provide a safe place for buses to set down and pick up. Cars parking in bus zones put lives at risk by forcing buses out of ‘their’ safety zone.

You CANNOT stop in this area FOR ANY REASON.

 WHY?To keep sight lines clear for drivers AND children so both have more time to avoid crashes


Parking offences in school zones carry heavy fines and loss of demerit points. Council has a zero tolerance for drivers who break the law around schools and in school zones.