Bethany Scores in Language World Cup

With the world’s attention placed firmly on the soccer (sorry, football) stadiums in Russia, this other World Championship may not have received the attention it deserved – the Language Perfect World Championships!

This annual world-wide, online competition sets country against country, state against state (hello State of Origin!) and school against school to find our strongest Language competitors. With a total of 350,000 competitors, most of the burden fell on the shoulders of our capable Year 8 students but there were also commendable efforts from students in our Year 9 to 12 classes.

Students participated in answering over 177,000 questions not only in the Languages offered here at Bethany (Italian and Japanese) but also in a whole range of languages that they either had a background in or were talented in.

The final results are now in. A total of 24 students have achieved certificates for their efforts.

Silver awards mean that these students have been placed in the top 5% of competitors. They have been awarded to Ysabelle Cabrera, Isabel Santillana and Henriette Savilla.

Bronze awards are earned by students placed in the top 10% of all competitors. Those students are Marie Bitzos, Erika Daubaras, Jamie Howe, Abbey O’Brien, Zoe Stamoulis and Luna Pandiella-McLeod.

So how did Bethany College go on the podium? We are ranked as 7th in Italian out of 282 schools. A massive effort in any language! Congratulations to all our participants and I look forward to distributing these certificates at our next School assembly.


Marco Gianni

Teacher-in-Charge LOTE