Bethany Student competes in Worldskills Australia 2017 Regional Competition for Commercial Cookery

On 1 November 2017 Celia Finch from Year 11 Hospitality competed in the Worldskills Australia 2017 Regional Competition for Commercial Cookery. She was among 15 students from Sydney Catholic Schools Eastern Region who made it through to the second round of the competition.


The total time of the competition was 4 hours excluding breaks and familiarisation.

Celia had to master a menu that included three courses:

Entrée – this consisted of two types of bruschetta. One was onion and tomato and the other was with char grilled capsicum and baked pumpkin.  

Main course – was a baked chicken with various vegetables such as baked sweet potato, steamed carrots and steamed green beans.

Dessert– was a lemon polenta cake with a lemon syrup and Chantilly cream


On behalf of all at Bethany, we congratulate Celia on a fantastic achievement to reach the second round of competition and for doing a great job in showcasing her skills.

Louise Benson

Hospitality Teacher


These are Celia’s reflections on the competition:

“Walking into the kitchen on the day was a very exciting but nervous experience. I was trying to clear my mind so I could work to my full potential. From when I got the recipe cards to the day of the competition, I learnt a lot about the different methods of cooking and how to work in a fast paced industry whilst sharing the kitchen with other competitors. The recipes included many different cooking methods that I had never used before such as making duchess potatoes and using polenta in a cake. I had to practise these skills more than once to ensure i could perform my best. On the day I was pleased that I was able to plate up all my dishes on time with all the components. The judges commended me on my polenta cake and my workflow during the four hour session. This was a wonderful experience for me as it challenged my ability and I believe I could aim at applying as a contestant on Masterchef!”


Celia Finch – Year 11 Hospitality