Bethany Writing Program

On Wednesday the 14 September some of our enthusiastic Year 10 students took part in the first stage of the annual Bethany Writing Program, working with Primary school students from St Joseph’s Oatley and St Finbar’s Sans Souci.  After getting over the initial cuteness overload at having Year 4, 5 and 6 students on campus, students were involved in an interactive workshop kicking off the program, focusing on all things creative writing. Ms Pentland let the students (and teachers) into some of her secrets on writing and discussed the rollercoaster ride that is the writing process. Miss Bolton and Ms Field then presented some helpful insights into what makes for interesting and engaging writing. Students participated in writing activities and shared their work with the group. Following this, the Year 10 students were partnered up with the eager juniors and began to take the first steps towards creating and composing their very own short stories. It was wonderful to see the Year 10 students imparting their creative ideas and writing wisdom onto the younger students. It was clear by the energy in the room that ideas were flowing and students were incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to be their creative selves. It was an incredibly inspiring day and students left feeling motivated to put pens to paper, or more likely – fingers to keyboard! Watch this space for more news as the program progresses.


writing 3

Miss Jordan Bolton