Brekky Van

On February 27, fourteen Bethany students and six staff members gave generously of their time to attend Brekky Van.  For four hours they prepared and served food, interacted with the clients, packed trucks and cleaned BBQs.
This is an excellent opportunity for the girls to put their faith into action and to act as servant leaders. Their awareness of social justice issues and their willingness to help to help others is to be commended. Many clients on the day commented how fantastic our girls are and noted that we should be very proud of them. 
I would also like to thank those students who sold or bought lollipops earlier in the week as this is how we raise the money to buy the groceries for Brekky Van.
Some comments from the students about their experience: 
“Brekky Van is an experience that everyone should participate in. It allows everyone to help out and reflect on, and reconsider, the importance society places on materialistic goods” – Fiona Pelosi 
“I enjoyed interacting with all of the people that we met” – Dinuki Algama
Brekky van was an extremely memorable experience which enabled me to help those who were less fortunate than me. – Sharlize Lasala 
Thank you to: Ashleigh Grady, Siobhan Navalle, Melanie Stojcevski, Anthea Michalopoulos, Amelia Todoroski, Sarah Borg, Victoria Dakhoul, Christina Ristevski, Sharlize Lasala, Fiona Pelosi, Shana Lee, Dinuki Algama, Clover McCallum, Sophia Perez, Mrs Smit, Mrs Sullivan, Mr  D Martin, Miss Grimm, Miss Gereige and Miss Mirabello for attending. 
Laura Mirabello
Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Coordinator