BStreetsmart Road Safety Forum

On Wednesday the 26 August the girls of Year 10 went to All-Phones Arena to visit the B-StreetSmart Exposition.   This is the 10th year of the program running to acknowledge that as young adults. we need to recognise we now have real responsibilities.   We were confronted with a real life crash scenario which was both realistic and emotional and it caused us to think about the consequences of our actions and our upcoming decisions of receiving a licence.  We were told real life stories of people whose lives were affected by crashes and we heard talks from people in wheelchairs to people suffering from brain damage.  The B Streetsmart Day focuses on speeding, distractions, driver fatigue, seatbelts and drink driving. This program is run by the Westmead Hospital and over the 3-day Forum, 185 schools attended with over 20,000 high school students present. The forum has become so significant that the Government streams the day live across Australia. We are very grateful that Mr Guthrie and Mrs Lavorato allowed us to experience such an educational life lesson, and we are so grateful for all the effort that was put into making this excursion happen.



 – Rachel Cassar,  Year 10