Butterfly Foundation: Pastoral Care Incursion

Year 9 were involved in a zoom session with the butterfly foundation in the week 5 pastoral period. 


“We may feel many different things about our body and appearance: sometimes satisfied/positive, sometimes dissatisfied/negative, sometimes a bit of both, or even neutral. Either way, our body image can influence how we engage with the world.” https://butterfly.org.au/body-image/body-image-explained/

Students had the opportunity to share their thoughts around who and what influences the idea of appearances ideals.  They were reminded of the importance of being body positive within themselves. This starts with being aware of the all too common negative self-talk and being able to use strategies to take responsibility for that internal dialogue. They were further encouraged to be in charge of who they follow on Socials, take positive steps to unfollow these unhelpful influencers and replace with positive role models and interests.


Katrine Barnes

Year 9 Coordinator