CaSPA Master Class

Year 11 Assessment Task

First day back in Term 2 and the Year 11 Dance class were prepared to undertake their first performance Assessment Task for Stage 6, 2021. The young ladies performed a large range of diverse exercises, which focused on developing their control, strength, flexibility, coordination and muscular endurance. 

The Year 11 dancers also completed a performance sequence and interview, during which they had the opportunity to verbally communicate with the marker for six minutes, their understanding of dance technique, safe dance practice and performance quality which they have developed through their contemporary lass technique and performance sequence.

We congratulate these ladies for their hard work and dedication to dance. The class thank their amazing teachers, Ms Bennie and Miss Eaton, for the extensive knowledge and years of experience in which they shared with their students so far.


Written by Tahlia Genlik

Year 11 Dance student & Class Admin assistant