CaSPA Master Class

During the April  holiday break, the Stage 6 Dance students took part in the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Sydney (CaSPA) Masterclasses, which contributed to their knowledge in performance, as well as composition. The students in Year 11 and 12 were exposed to fantastic teachers, which aided their growth in Dance.

They had the opportunity to complete a class with Helpmann-award recipient Kristina Chan, who is well known in the dance industry for her amazing choreographic achievements, hence her role as a dance-making specialist tutor for CaSPA. The students were able to develop choreography, through tasking which focused on developing original movement content using the ‘one point touch’ technique to abstract their movement. The students also broadened their knowledge of contemporary dance with contemporary dance artist, Angela Hamilton. They were given the opportunity to develop their technique, focusing on their strength and stamina, as well as using a short phrase, which the students were able to develop and personalise based on their movement quality.

The students also had the opportunity to work with no other than their talented dance teachers, Danielle Bennie, specialising in composition and Lucy Eaton, in performance. The students were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to deepen their own knowledge of dance, learning from their own teachers in a different environment. The Stage 6 students  were also able to interact with students from other schools, where they were able to share their passion for dance.

We congratulate these young ladies for their attendance at the two day CaSPA Masterclass.

Written by Tahlia Genlik

Year 11 Dance student & Class Admin assistan