CGSSSA Gymnastics Competition 2021

On the 2nd of June, 11 competitors headed out to the Sydney Aquatic and Gymnastics Centre for a full day of competition. The team have been training every Thursday for the last term and a half, during sports time under the expertise of Jade Serban and Chloe Plazanin ex Bethany Students and gymnastic coaches at Oatley RSL Youth Club. It was great to have Elizabeth Andrew’s previous Bethany coach and founder of the team come to the venue to encourage the girls who have been honing their skills and each performed to their individual best.

The 2021 CGSSSA Gymnastics team competitors were Sienna Daccache, Katelyn D’Astoli, Olivia Santibanez De Jesus, Alyssa Karaksis, Emma McHardy, Talia Rosales, Selena Stavdal, Bridget Vane-Tempest Stewart, Evette Vane-Tempest Stewart, Eve Yik and Charlotte Young.


Individual placements

Level 4





Eve Yik




3rd place


Katrine Barnes

Year 9 Coordinator