CGSSSA Junior Soccer Gala Day

On Wednesday, 2 May, a group of Year 7, 8 and 9 students and myself were involved in the CGSSSA Soccer Gala Day at Morrison Bay in Putney.

The day started extremely early, we were at school at 6.30am. Somehow everyone was awake and excited to get on the field. It was interesting to see girls from different clubs coming together to make an eclectic team that functioned well together. We performed well winning three games, drawing two and only suffering one defeat. We were extremely close to making the finals, however due to bylaws we didn’t quite make it. After hearing the devastating news we remained upbeat and looked forward to next year. Mr Laguzza said that “he was so proud of the way we conducted ourselves on and off the field, we were a true testament to the college, and the girls were a pleasure to coach.” We’d like to thank Mrs Donnelly and Mr Laguzza for being at school early in the morning for training and for accompanying us throughout this experience. On behalf of all the girls we apologise to Mr Laguzza for kicking, tackling and injuring you during training Sir. Of course thank you to the players who were such a joy to play with and to the supporters who cheered us on during the day.

Students involved: Leah GOURAMANIS (7), Kelsey KELLY (7), Analisa MAZZUCCO (7), Mary VLAHADAMIS (7), Grace COWAN (8), Tahlia DIMANOSKI (8), Natalia MILENKOVSKI (8), Alyssa PARROTTINO (8), Eva TRESOGLAVIC (8), Antonia GREGORIOU (9), Alexis MIHALJEVIC (9), Emily MILENKOVSKI (9), Zoe NONDAS (9), Luana RENDINA (9), Angelique RODAS (9), Alana ROSTANKOV (9) and Mikalya SAVIGNANO (9).


Mikayla Savignano – Year 9