Chau Chak Museum- Sydney University

Year 11 and 12 Ancient History students made an exciting trip to the University of Sydney’s world renowned museum on Wednesday 27th April. The Chau Chak museum is home to  some of the most intricate artefacts. We had the opportunity to learn about each exhibit covering a range of countries and cultures from around the globe. The Ancient History students learned about many civilisations such as Pompeii, seen through the lego model of the gorgeous ancient city. Next was ancient Greek mythology, where we saw the butterflies named after Greek gods as well as clay models emphasising the belief in the gods for fertillity, prosperity and healing. Our next civilisation was ancient Egypt, where we witnessed human remains. We learnt about how they died and the ethics around displaying human remains. Finally, we had the privilege of doing a hands-on activity where we got to touch and investigate up close ancient Egyptian, Spartan, and Roman artefacts such as bronze age swords, figures of mummies and pottery, Roman coins and more. 

Overall, the excursion was an insightful, invigerating experience to learn and see the physical artefacts we had been learning about in our Ancient History lessons.

Jasmine Pietersz – Year 11 Ancient History student