CLE Term 3 Sustainability Poems

This topic has assisted the students in understanding their role, responsibility and importance of caring for God’s creation, empower them to take action and to meet the challenge of living more sustainably.

Poems 1



Be sustainable,

because the world is changeable,

if you love the environment,

then make an advertisement.

to help the lands,

because the world is in your hands.

                  – Amber Lazos



Keeping thePoems 2 environment healthy is cool,

So be sustainable at school

Keep the world safe and sound,

And you could walkhealthy all around

So reduce, reuse and recycle.

         –  Kristen Georgiou



Throwing your rubbish on the ground is a very devilish sin, so please be an angel and put it in the bin.

For it looks really nasty and is rather blasty,

And is often found in the gutters or on the streets.

Poems 3So come on Bethany girls, please have a heart,

And let’s keep our school looking really smart. 

 – Keira Warn




7CLE5  – Mrs Barnes