CSDA Public Speaking

The CSDA public speaking competition kicks off this Friday night March 2nd at Mary Mackillop College in Wakely. We have a number of girls representing Bethany across most year groups. 
Year 7 – Kamilla Hamade and Jessica Hristov
Year 9 – Nektaria Rice, Jade Lozanovski, Sophia McDonnell 
Year 10 – Laila Nicola
Senior – Brooke Salisbury and Justina Alabasinis
The girls have a range of topics from which they can draw inspiration including:
  • Be not afraid
  • Select, don’t settle
  • With me in charge…
  • It gets better
  • Just make it work
  • It’s all just a little bit of history repeating
They will compete in a knockout style competition consisting of up to three rounds with the aim to get through to the final. This is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their general knowledge on current events and improve public speaking skills. The speakers have already spent many hours working on their speeches in preparation for this tough competition. We wish them all the best for this Friday!

Dana Sutherland

Public Speaking & Debating prefect