Curriculum Matters

Year 11 and 12 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

These occur on Tuesday 21st May between 3.30pm and 8 pm in the Yallunga Hall. Parents will shortly receive details on how to book these interviews and we will be using Compass software to arrange interviews times. It is not possible to make your bookings unless you have organised your Compass login, if you have been unable to do this or have been unsuccessful in setting this up please contact the College office. This is an important chance to discuss your daughters progress in Stage 6 and to identify ways that her academic growth can be improved going forward. Printed copies of reports will be available for collection when you arrive.

Online NAPLAN testing Year 7 and Year 9

NAPLAN online testing will run between 14 May and conclude on 24 May. It is very important that the students involved are prepared by having their laptop fully charged when they come to school on these days, that they have their “NAPLAN browser” installed and that they have their headphones, not ear buds ready to plug into their machine. Remember the purpose of NAPLAN is to inform parents, students and teachers about growth in literacy and numeracy and to inform teaching going forward. Parents and students should be aware that NAPLAN data can be used in the formation of classes in the following year. Good luck with your testing girls, a chance to show what you have learnt. This testing is compulsory and any absences for NAPLAN should be covered by a doctors certificate forwarded to the Leader of Learning.

Year 10 Subject selection for the graduating class of 2021

This will get underway in the second half of Term 2. As a part of this process Year 10 students will sit a bank of Literacy, Numeracy tests and complete a careers survey on Friday May 31st. These tests are set and marked externally by Academic Services Australia. The test data will be used in two ways, the first is to inform subject choice for Stage 6, that is the HSC of 2021. The second use will be attaching these results to the testing you have already completed with Academic Services Australia, that is your test results from Year 6 and Year 8, which will show your growth in learning over the past 4 years. This is an exciting time as you begin to focus more on your pathway post High School.


Gregg Conroy
Leader of Learning