Dance HSC Nominations

Call back is a selection of exemplary practical performances across NSW, from the 2018 HSC Dance Practical examinations. 

Congratulations to the Year 12 Dance class have had exemplary success this year, Nine students receiving a total of sixteen nominations across all three practical components. Including the core performance ‘Waves’ with a six minute interview, core compositions with a six minute elaboration and major study performance ‘Black’ with a nine minute interview. These nominations have broken the Bethany HSC Dance nomination record and place their works in the top percentage in the state. To receive sixteen nominations is exceptional and is a testament to their consistent commitment and application from the HSC dancers and the younger composition dancers at the college.

Thank you to Kayla Jomaa (Class of 2017) who mentored the class along the way with the composition components of the course.

All three components –

Monique Doherty: Core Performance, Major Study Performance Black Onyx and Core Composition Naughts and Crosses Dancer: Lauren Airey Yr 11)

Dominique Kulchar: Core Performance, Major Study Performance Black Bombay Cat and Core Composition Boomerang (Composition Dancer: Shae Acevski Yr 10)


Two components –

Jessica Convery: Core Performance and Major Study Performance Black Jackie O Sunglasses

Roselyn Pasia: Core Performance and Major Study Performance Black Eyeliner

Kelly Wilson: Major Study Performance Black Sport Armband and Core Composition Popcorn (Composition Dancer: Catriona Farrelly Yr 10)


One componet –

Annabel Bennett: Core Composition Rubber (Composition Dancer: Maddison Stojanoski Yr 10)

Abigail Doherty: Core Composition Tattoo (Composition Dancer: Alessia Colagiuri Yr 10)

Georgia Malaxos: Core Performance

Olivia Marshall: Core Composition Halloween (Composition Dancer: Sofia Canestro Yr 11)




Composition Dancers



Go The Opals !

Danielle Bennie

Head Teacher of Dance