Over the past term, students from Year 7 – 12 have participated in the Regional Catholic Schools debating competition on Wednesday nights. All students competed with grace and lived out the college motto “To act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our god”.

The debating competition taught students how to construct a sound argument and create strong refutes against the other team and also taught students how to create a cohesive debate in a short period of time. This also taught the students how to present a speech in front of an audience. Students were given topics which surrounded 21st century issues, they were encouraged to read and watch the news to keep up to date with relevant topic areas which are below:




Round 1: Popular Culture/current affairs   

Round 2: Sports/health/Recreation

Round 3: Technology

Round 4: Environment

Round 5: Social issue/politics.


The teachers involved did an impeccable job of running the event and supporting the students with practice lunch time refute sessions and running mock debates to help prepare the students for the next round. Year 7 and 8 did not go through the semis, however Year 9, 10 and Seniors made it into the semifinals, however all lost in close debates and dealt with the loss in grace and respect.

Thank you to all students on behalf of the Debating Faculty.

Debating teams 2016

Year 7:

Chelsea Cibalevski

Sophia McDonnell

Jade Lozanovski

Natalie Vucic

Ashlea D’Amato

Telina Kolyvas

Year 8:

Abby Gillon-Smith

Serena Pham

Alexandra Hammer

Zoe Stragalinos

Monique Makisi

Evelyn Karavokyros

Year 9:

Valentina Triulcio

Justina Alabasinis

Brooke Salisbury

Ophelia Devcic

Eve Fernando

Annika Woodham

Year 10:

Valantia Stamatopoulos

Melanie Kozarovski

Dana Sutherland

Farah Chalak

Elsey-Anne Dadson


Stefanie Krieg

Vittoria Triulcio

Adeline Simon

Sophia Calvoyperez

Dakota Martin

Joanna Vazouras



Joanna Vazouras

Debating Prefect 2015/16