Debating / Public Speaking

Last Friday, the 27th of February, a group of Bethany students from a range of year groups participated in the first round of the Catholic School’s Public Speaking Competition at Waverley College. It was a great opportunity to showcase their skills at talking in front of an audience on a range of topics; from ‘talk is cheap’, and ‘life is beautiful’ through to, ‘thin ice’, ‘peace on earth’ and even the much derided “YOLO”. Having the confidence to speak in front of a crowd is a skill in itself, and everybody who presented their speeches made a fantastic effort regardless of the results. The competition was tough with so many other schools competing, but a well-deserved congratulations goes to Justina Alabasinis (Year 8), Brooke Salisbury (Year 8) and Valantia Stamatopoulos (Year 9) who made it through to the Zone final for the 6th of March, best of luck to them in this very competitive event.

By Eugenia Alabasinis, Debating/Public Speaking Prefect