Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – Bronze Awardees from 2014

The following students have undertaken 1 hour every week of Physical Recreation whilst at the same time learning a new skill for one hour each week and devoting one hour each week to community service.  These three disciplines were undertaken for 13-26 weeks throughout 2014 and represent a strong commitment to the sense of self-improvement and community spirit for which Bethany College is so rightly known.

These students have also undertaken 2 separate expeditions for two days and one night each time, covering over 30km of rough terrain on each expedition.  48 girls began the process in 2014, they challenged themselves physically and mentally to complete what they started;

Kiona Davies, Jemma Fenwick, Lilie Joseph, Alice Kent, Scarlet Klem-Goode, Gabrielle Lynch, Sophie Manning, Taylor Miriklis, Adele Moore, Lauren Mulheron, Maria Nicholas, Sophia Roufas


Heartfelt thanks from the girls and myself to the following, fantastic staff members who were involved with expeditions in 2014.

Miss Brennan, Miss Baldwin, Mr Weber, Mr Conroy, Miss Rothwell











Russell Roberts

Award Coordinator