Eastern Region Youth Forum

On Monday the 5th of August, four students from Year 10 had the opportunity to attend a Youth Forum at the Sydney Catholic Schools Eastern Region office. This featured various leadership officials who shared their opinions and visions. Luana, Georgia, Elly and Tejal had the pleasure of meeting and sharing ideas with the new Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, Tony Farley. 

After listening to Tony Farley’s vision for Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS), we were invited to discuss why parents should send their children to our school. This was to decipher what features in SCS were good, and what aspects we could take from other schools in order to improve ours, which undeniably came with some friendly competition from our surrounding schools. After mixing with other students from different schools, we were asked to discuss what we would like to see from SCS in the future, and what major new ideas and improvements we think will better the faith teachings in our schools. 

Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable experience which broadened our understanding of the needs and improvements of Sydney Catholic Schools. 

                                 Tejal Meisura, Georgia Najem, Elly Vazouras, Luana Rendina



Rachael Ndaira

Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Coordinator