English Matters – Year 7 and 9 Poetry


Year 9 English.1

The topic currently being studied by Year 9 Newman English focuses on poetry, specifically the free verse poetry novel written by Steven Herrick, “The Simple Gift”. This book explores the values important to individuals, inspiring us to dive deeper into the certain values we as individuals, a class and a community hold close. Whilst exploring these values, we linked them to the novel we were reading and eventually formed a class poetry anthology, creatively titled “Spill the Poe-tea”, showcasing each individual in the class and what they value most in life. We worked on these throughout the unit in our own time and were fortunate enough to have Mr Laguzza print out a booklet of these poems for everyone to keep as a reminder of this amazing unit.  As well as this, we expanded our knowledge of poetic devices, utilising them to improve our writing, and participated in many tasks that challenged us and pushed us out of our comfort zone, performing poems we wrote and using multiple stimuli as the basis of our work. This was a terrific way to develop our confidence, by presenting the poems we composed. Overall this topic was highly enjoyable, as well as useful in guiding us to becoming better writers through a range of collaborative tasks.  

Laura Carrabs


Purple Empire

Created alone with a lavender heart,

Witnessing society being ripped apart.

The calm stability of blue,

The fierce energy of red,

Yet somehow combined, they can’t wrap it around their head.


Alive, alone with a lavender heart,

Treating the journey as if it were fine art.

An earth painted in green,

Using blue and red as a defence.

Building a purple empire is all that makes sense.


Purple is the representation of both blue and red. Blue is calm and stable and red fierce and passionate. In a society filled with greed and lust for wealth, this person finds themselves on a journey to solve the issue of red versus blue which is in conflict within them. Ultimately, they reach the conclusion that the world should symbolise a combination of the two colours, creating a purple empire filled with creativity, power, wisdom and wealth.

Laura Carrabs



I put your happiness above mine,

Because it meant more to me.

That the smile on your face,

Was a Picasso painting

I stole from a museum.

Too delicate for any other eyes,

But my own.


Even though you never saw yourself

The same way.

I made it my mission

To build a gallery

Out of the smiles you gave me,

So you could finally realise,

True intimacy happens,

When nothing is perfect.

Jade Lozanovksi


Year 7 English.S

In Semester Two Year Seven have been learning about poetry. Whilst learning about this topic we have created many different types of poems, with each utilising a particular structure to create meaning. A poem that we have created is based on the Australian outback and all the wonders it holds. Our class (taught by Mr.Laguzza) is encouraged to always try their best and to be the best that we can be, as shown in our poem:


The Aussie Outback

The outback is full of many wonders,

The sun scorching down on your skin.

If you’re looking for a type of adventure,

The outback is the place to begin.


You are traveling on a highway,

That seems to never end.

There are so many animals in your midst,

And suddenly you come to a bend.


You turn around the corner,

Not knowing what you’re about to see.

The outback holds many wonders,

Oh, how it’s a wonderful place to be!

Tameeka Johnson and Sophia Deben




Australian Outback Poem

The outback, a place so vast but full of full of mystery.

A road, which is never-ending.

A world so empty and isolated,

One wrong step and my life is pending.


The whole outback lying in front of me,

My eyes burning with the rays of the boiling sun.

The dust upon my tongue, dry and earthy,

The gates to the world are open, and my adventure has just begun.


In this poem we were encouraged to create an Australian poem that reflected on the outback. I managed to reflect the beauties and mysteries of Australia.


The Rainforest

I was stuck somewhere in a world so beautiful,

I call it a rainforest.

This place had trees,

That were like ballerinas dancing in the soft, silent wind.


The rain dripped on my skin,

Like it wanted to get my attention.

The goose bumps on my skin,

Tasting the cold fresh water bouncing off my dry tongue.

Constance Kartambis



As the scent of life overwhelms my lungs,

The breeze flows within my vivid imagination,

Each leap of curiosity you withdraw from the fertile soil,

Saturates your shoes with the moist vegetation.


The pigment of green is almost unforgettable,

The eternal beauty pierces my heart with a spell,

As this wonderland seems like it’s only a part of an hallucination.

The fantasy world looks identical at every corner, as if I’m riding a never-ending carousel.


Jade Makisi