Enlighten Education Newsletter Article – Girls Essentials Workshop

On Tuesday 31st of July, all the Year 9 Magnolias attended the Enlightenment Education Program called ‘Girls Essentials’ in Yullanga Hall. The aim of this program was to acquaint Year 9 students with the issues facing teenage girls today, with workshops based on friendship, body image, and safety.

We were all able to identify the characteristics of a positive friendship compared to toxic friendships and were also given the opportunity to strengthen our friendships through affirmations. 

During the workshop on body image, we went on to learn about the impact of the media on the way we perceive ourselves and the standard of beauty in our world today, and interestingly, we were also exposed to how the image of beauty has changed through different time periods. This was an invaluable workshop which has helped us to love ourselves, be nice and thoughtful to others and build our self-confidence.

We are all participating now in the 21-day challenge, that asks us to embrace our own personal growth journey.

Below are some comments and thoughts about the day:

Enlighten was a great day to learn and interact with friends 

  • Enlighten taught us to be comfortable in your own skin 
  • This will help us to resolve problems quicker 
  •  The favourite part of Enlighten was learning different strategies for real-life situations and listening to all the stories.
  • I really enjoyed this workshop and I believe every girl needs it! I learnt that everyone is insecure, how to defend myself, to have self-love and appropriately use social media.


Cleopatra Kaliaras