Evangelisation Day

Nine students from year 9 attended an Evangelisation Day on Tuesday at Domremy College in Five Dock. Steve Angrisano was the main presenter on the day and he engaged students through his music and stories; highlighting how people in his life have acted in a selfless and considerate way. He encouraged the students to use these examples to inspire them to act justly in their own lives and explained what being pure at heart meant. There were 400 students in attendance and the girls were able to interact with people from other schools through small group discussion activities.

Angel Quintal commented that it “was a great day to learn about what pure in heart really means. It was a fun filled day we got to new people from other schools and having a good laugh.”

I would like to thank the following girls for their thoughtful participation on the day; Chloe Allcorn, Janice Lewis, Elisa Pesavento, Caitlin Micallef, Isabella Czarnecki, Jamie Howe, Angel Quintal, Anna Maria Sanchez, Matea Abramovic.


“It was a great day and I’d go back and do it all over again if I could”.     Elisa Pesavento 
“We were able to gain a better understanding of our faith and how we are to act as Catholics through discussions about what it means to be “Pure in heart”.    Jamie Howe 
“We heard amazing stories, listened and danced to fun music and met a lot of people from other schools. These stories and people really brought the theme of being pure in heart home. I am so grateful to have had been a part of it.”            Caitlin Micallef 


Laura Mirabello

Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Co-ordinator