Feedback Survey

Throughout the year staff have been involved in a program of professional development called ‘Visible Learning’, a program centred around the work of Professor John Hattie whose research reports on the teaching and learning practices that work best to improve student learning. As part of a series of professional development days, teachers and coordinators have been exploring how research and evidence can be used to create innovation in teaching and learning.

As part of this evidence-gathering, this week we invite all students to participate in an online survey aimed at understanding students’ perspectives on the frequency and quality of different types of feedback. As a teaching community, we are always looking for ways we can enhance how we give feedback in order to improve student achievement and continually move learning forward.

Students will be emailed a link to complete the online survey. We ask that students take some time to complete the survey before it closes on Monday 3 August.


Mr Carragher

Leader of Pedagogy