From the Assistant Principal

Opal Card Information

From January onwards, there will be a number of School Opal cards expiring, as the physical card has reached its lifespan. These are cards for students who will be in years 8 to 12 in 2021, and only those Opal cards that haven’t been replaced in the last five years. 

Impacted students and/or their parents/carers will be contacted directly by Transport for NSW via email or post. They will be asked to confirm their details online in order for a new School Opal card to be sent to the correct postal address in time for the new school year. If contacted by Transport for NSW, details should be submitted online by 1 December, 2020 at the latest. 

Affected students who do not confirm their details in time will have a new School Opal card posted to the address currently on file. 

If there has been a change in the way your daughter travels to school and you wish to apply for a new Opal Card please use the link found here.


Being an askable parent 

Many parents struggle with the fact that their teenage daughters are seeking greater amounts of privacy as they push to become more independent and navigate the path of adolescence, which can at times be difficult. In my conversations with parents many express concern about how to find the balance between effective communication that allows them to know what is happening in the lives of their teenage daughters and respecting their daughters privacy conscious that this is something commonly sought by teenage girls. Michael Grose, parenting expert provides some excellent advice and insight into how to be an “askable parent”. Please find here a copy of Michael’s article “Being an askable parent”. 

Visitors to the College

A reminder that parents visiting the College are asked to enter and exit via the Croydon Rd entrance. As part of our Covid Safe Plan parents are not permitted to access the College via Waratah St until further notice.



Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal