From the Assistant Principal

Open Day  

On Tuesday, 2 March the College will celebrate Open Day between 3 and 6pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our school. On this day lessons will conclude at the end of period 3, 12.30 pm and those who have not volunteered to assist with Open Day will be dismissed. School specials have been booked for 12.45 pm. A letter communicating this information has been sent home with students today.  Supervision will be available until 3pm for those students who require it. Students assisting with Open Day will remain on site and assist with preparations. Afternoon tea will be provided for these students.


Bus Awareness Week 

Monday 22 February to Sunday 28 February 2021 is bus awareness week which focuses on bringing to the attention of all road users how to stay safe on and around buses, subsequently helping to reduce injuries and potential fatalities.  

The Be Bus Aware campaign, run by Transport NSW, highlights the importance of bus safety for all road users and highlights the fact that buses  are large, heavy vehicles and that they are unable to stop quickly. There are approximately 4000 buses operating in metropolitan Sydney. In the five years to 2019 there were sadly 35 people killed and 394 people injured as a consequence of accidents involving buses. This includes pedestrians, passengers, and drivers of buses or other vehicles. 

Families are encouraged to have a discussion around bus safety this week. Highlighting the importance of obeying traffic signals, not rushing for a bus, standing pack from the kerb and paying attention when approaching any road or moving vehicle.  A reminder that school specials to Hurstville operate each afternoon. In the interests of safety girls travelling to Hurstville should catch these designated school services as opposed to the public bus departing from Forest Rd of an afternoon.


Acceptable Use of Technology at Bethany College 

By now all families should have signed a copy of the Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement for 2021. Please find below a  few important in relation to the College policy on the use of ICT.

  • Students are not permitted to be on their mobile devices or accessing messaging services or social media websites during the hours of 8.40 am and 3pm. Parents wishing to contact their daughters should do so via the College Office. 
  • Students are not permitted to charge any device at the College, laptops should be fully charged for the day before they leave home, as should mobile phones required for use prior to or at the conclusion of the school day. 
  • Students are not permitted to post anything that identifies the College, including the name, crest or any other identifying material. 
  • Allow others to access their personal accounts 
  • Students are not permitted to take photos of students or teachers without their permission. 

At the beginning of the school year many parents seek advice and support about how they can best support their daughters. Please see an article by Michael Grose, co-founder of Parenting Ideas, who provides some valuable insights into how you can support your child to be the best student they can be.


Study Skills Handbook

In 2021, we are pleased to continue our subscription to the Dr Prue Salter’s Study Skills website. This website will help you develop essential skills for academic success. There are units of work on improving time management skills, how to study, research skills, summarizing, technology use, brain and memory and much more. Everything you need to know about becoming a more powerful learner and improving your marks at school can be found on this site.

To access the handbook, go to and login with these details:

Username: bethanyhurstville

Password: 65success



A reminder from Bayside Council

Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal