From the Assistant Principal


A reminder that it is a public health order that all students are wearing a mask when they are travelling on public transport. Families are asked to ensure that their daughters have a mask in their possession and are aware of the need to wear it in order to comply with public health orders to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who use public transport and maintain the good standing of the College as they travel to and from school. 


Behaviour travelling to and from school

A reminder that all students should travel directly to and from school, unless accompanied by a parent. Students should not be loitering around the station, shopping centres or fast food outlets at the beginning or end of the school day. It is our expectation that all times, students would behave in a manner that is aligned with our College values and wear the College uniform with pride.  


It is also important that families remind their daughters of the importance of being courteous and respectful when sharing transport with members of the public. Students are reminded of the need to make way for members of the public, vacate seats and speak in a manner that is both respectful and courteous at all times. 


College backpacks 

The College backpack is a compulsory part of the College uniform and is far more protective of a student’s shoulders or back than the tote bag. It is also more protective for laptops and other equipment required for school. Families are asked to support the College Uniform Policy and are encouraged to discuss with their daughter the importance and benefits of using the backpack, including the fact that it ensures that the weight of the contents of the backpacks are evenly distributed and less likely to affect a young person’s posture. 

Over the past couple of weeks a number of students have been leaving their bags outside their classroom or on top of their locker instead of storing them securely inside their lockers, this is particularly the case towards the end of the day. Families are asked to discuss with their daughters the importance of ensuring that their belongings are secured safely in their lockers at all times throughout the school day. The College accepts no responsibility for missing or damaged goods. Bags found outside of lockers will be taken to Student Services for collection at the end of the school day.      

Reminder about parking  

When dropping your daughters off to school or collecting them at the end of the school day please avoid those areas dedicated to the parish and the primary school. The preferred drop off and collection point for Bethany students is Waratah St. 

Digital Boundaries 

The term screenager is a commonly used term to describe the current generation of young people who are increasingly connected to the world and one another through the screen. Dr Kristy Goodwin, digital wellbeing speaker, author and researcher reminds us of the need for boundaries that extend beyond the amount of time young people are spending on the screen. Please find attached below a link to her article that provides some additional points for consideration in relation to factors worth considering including the type of screens young people are accessing, the time of day, the technology zone and the people they interact with. 


Jodie Hughes

Assistant Principal