From the Assistant Principal

I recently read an interesting article. The writer was the (current) coordinator of a 75 year Harvard University study researching what it is that makes life good. Over the 75 years, the lives of some 724 people were followed from their teens, right through to their 90s and many thousands of pages of data were collected over this time. From this data, there were very clear findings of what contributed to a person living a happy and healthy life. Two of the findings were not surprising to read: 
• Good relationships are what keeps us the most happy and healthy
• Connectivity with those around us is vital
Relationships and connections are what make us tick and this week we were able to get our connections and relationships back on track. We welcomed back the students of our school to face to face lessons and whilst there were some nerves and anxieties, it was great to see the girls fall quickly back into their important relationships and reconnect. It has been so silent at school and hearing the sound of their not-so-quiet voices was joyful. I thought they may have fallen out of sync with each other and the rhythm of school but those concerns quickly dissipated. The girls brought with them a vibrancy that has been missing from school life for a long time. 
Good relationships need clear communication so everyone knows what to expect. The next few weeks have some varied routines and these changes are communicated through Compass and the College Newsletter. Please make sure you have your Compass notifications turned on. This is the fastest way that we can communicate with you, should we need to reach a number of parents at the same time. Despite these changes, there are some things that remain the same, particularly the College expectations regarding uniform and grooming. Please keep in mind the College standards regarding jewellery, nails and false eyelashes. If your daughter needs to make some adjustments to these things, please help her to do so. 
We are always looking for different ways to support your daughters and would like the remaining time of this school year to be one that is filled with the chance to reconnect with friends, teachers and school. I look forward to seeing your daughters over the coming weeks.
Kristina Flanagan
Assistant Principal