From the Assistant Principal

The last two weeks have been a time of settling back into the routine of school, even if it is different. I would like to thank our students for the cooperative way they have attended to our COVID guidelines over the last two weeks and managed a challenging time. A reminder however, that all students are required to wear a mask when inside buildings and especially when in class rooms and to remain socially distant, to the best of their ability, at all times. Please ensure that your child has a number of masks in their school bag, as masks are sometimes lost or broken. We understand that group separation is mostly limited to when students are on College grounds, however, we have been informed that minimising the mixing of cohorts is the safest practice for our students, so we are doing what we can to follow this guidance.

As we have now settled back into school, it is also time to attend to uniform and grooming, with particular regard to fingernails. Some students are not meeting the College expectations when it comes to their nails. Over the next few weeks, students will be reminded of expectations and expected to rectify any concerns raised with them. 

It was great to see our Year 12 students finally get the opportunity to sit their Higher School Certificate Examinations this week. In a year that has provided numerous challenges for them, our Year 12’s have shown remarkable perseverance and determination. There were many people offering their best wishes to Year 12 as they commenced their exams, and it was great to hear them come out of that exam room on Tuesday with the first of their exams finished and completed. I hope that they receive a reward that matches their efforts, plus a little bit more for hanging in there. 

On Thursday 11th November, we commemorated Remembrance Day, marking the 103rd anniversary of the end of World War I. I thank Mr David Martin for his time and energy in preparing our ceremony, our students who took part in the service and our school community who participated with respect, paying tribute to all men and women who have died in service to Australia during times of war. 





Kristina Flanagan

Assistant Principal